Google Sheets version of the Compact Calendar

Compact Calendar for Google Sheets Pedro Pablo Fuentes Schuster contacted me via the Facebook page, letting me know that he’d converted the original Excel version of the Compact Calendar to Google Sheets, including all the Holiday Tables and formulas.

There have been other submissions of conversions, but this is the first one that I had time to check that is still available online. Looks good! Thanks Pedro for taking the time to make and share the conversion with me!

Check out the Google Sheets version of the Compact Calendar here:

Thanks Pedro!

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  1. Igor Martynov 2 weeks ago

    Dave, thank you for your work! There is a small problem in the link to the Google Docs, it requires to use “/u/2/” – third authorised account at Google in my case. Maybe it is just a local problem, but i think other people also can get it.

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