January Update

January Update

New System Design Hey folks! Happy 2018! Here’s a quick update on what’s going on with me!

Working on a New Productivity System

I’m making a new personal system for 2018, incorporating many of my insights from 2017 about how a strict task and time management may not be the right approach for what I’m doing.

While this system is intended primarily for ME, some of you out there might be interested in how I’m designing it. I’ve been livestreaming the thought process on my WHATS UP DAVE livestreams starting January 2nd. My working design notes, as shown on the livestreams, are also accessible for the curious.

I hope to have the working system in place by February 2nd, the beginning of Groundhog Day Resolutions.

The key change will be shifting to this “taskless, timeless” system along the lines of the “gathering style” productivity I’ve been playing with for the past year. The main goal is simply to measure my productivity by the number of “beautiful, useful things” I make every day; I trust that my natural proclivity to share what I do will help create a tangible body of work that will fuel a second stage of personal development. That’s the theory, anyway!

Hanging out in our Virtual Coworking Chat Room

You can talk to me directly through the Virtual Coworking Discord Server (aka the DS|CAFE) by signing up at https://davidseah.com/discord. This will redirect you to the sign-in page. Here’s what the chat room currently looks like:

Discord Virtual Coworking We’re having a pretty good time talking about productivity, food, cultural differences, etc. There are people from all over the world in here with a shared interest in being more productive and creative human beings. We’ve been going for a little over a year now, and I think creating this space is probably the coolest thing I’ve helped bring into existence. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but people who work largely on computers from a home office may find it provides a nice dose of community. It’s part of my Virtual Coworking experiment; read more about it at davidseah.com/virtual-coworking.

Making New Digital Downloads

For those of you who like to purchase the 365-day ETP Almanac (print-at-home dated ETP pages) or the 12 month Word Counting Calendar (similar to the Nanowrimo Calendar I make for November), they are available for purchase at shop.davidseah.com. Each is US$12.

New Downloads Alternatively, you can also get these downloads by backing me for just $1/month on Patreon and support my efforts to create cool productivity tools! I provide special patron-only versions of the Almanac and the Word Counting calendar as rewards to all supporters (a $24 value). You can check out my page at patreon.com/daveseah to see if it’s something that appeals to you. All support is appreciated!

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading, and I hope you are all having a great 2018 so far!

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  1. Eric Beaty 6 years ago

    Love this great news, Dave. I’m also glad to be a part of your virtual co-working Discord chat. Can’t wait to see all the great stuff you’ll bring to life in 2018! I just became a Patron and hope to continue supporting your work throughout the year.