Progress Report 1: Themed Work Weeks versus Themed Work Days

Progress Report 1: Themed Work Weeks versus Themed Work Days

I start today’s writing while I’m waiting at the garage for my 14 year-old car’s 160K service, deciding to stay in their lounge because if I took the shuttle home, I would have immediately fallen asleep. I’m working on about 3 hours of sleep, and I want to stay awake as long as possible.

The week so far has been somewhat productive for the blog theme week, but a good chunk of it had been disrupted by all the RPing I’ve been doing in WildStar over the past day and a half. I’ve decided not to play the game during the week, so I can do the deep dive into some kind of project work today. By “deep dive”, I mean work that I find challenging, requiring great concentration and perseverance. In the context of Blog Theme Week, that would be getting my new website ready for launch. Ugh, I don’t even want to think about it, but it would a HUGE win if I could get to a place this week where I can do a soft launch. I think it would “unblock” some of the resistances I’m facing with regards to creating a funner, more accessible

So here’s what I’m thinking:

  • For the remaining week, today and Friday, I’m going to work on making some kind of major advance in launching the new website by any means necessary. It’s been such a huge mental block. Just gotta SHOVE IT OUT THERE and see what happens. If I launch it, that would give me an enormous sense of accomplishment.

  • I’d also like to start producing shorter, lighter, and fluffier content that is not as heavy as what I’ve been doing for the past several years. When I got started blogging in 2005, I wrote about more fun things I was doing, and it was more like having a conversation with me. I think my more recent work has been more like reading the notes from a seminar than a conversation.

As for how the week is going?

  • I’m feeling pretty relaxed and productive. I am actually pretty happy about the long weird piece on the lessons learned from RPing in WildStar, though it is freakin’ long.

  • I’m actually looking forward to next week, which is all about a client project, and focusing just on it. The client is excited about the experiment too. We’re going to see just how much gets done.

  • There’s an interesting tension I’m feeling between maintaining the singular project focus, dealing with the distraction of meetings, and the need to produce tangible results that move me forward in a measurable way. Of these three elements, it’s the last one that actually counts. MAKE STUFF. That’s what moves me forward. Gotta remember that.


p>I could go on, but BOOM! I’m done writing!