The Last Push of the Week: Morning Reflection

The Last Push of the Week: Morning Reflection

It’s the last morning of my first themed work week experiment. For those just tuning it, the idea is this: In the past I tried to have theme DAYS, which had a major client or project assigned as the main focus. I suspect that given the kinds of projects I do, a day isn’t nearly long enough! It takes me a lot of time to get into the mindset, hold it, and then produce something great. This is the first of three entries for Friday, the last day of my first experimental week-long push.

It’s been a relatively stress-free week. I…

  • wrote three blog posts, one of which was super-long.
  • got a couple major non-profit tasks out of the way.
  • brought my car to the garage for major service, though the bill is going to be $1800 and this has put a severe cramp in my budgeting for the Living Room Cafe project.
  • thought-up and started groundwork for new article series, such as “learn to sing” and “find a new car”, which I’m quite excited about.
  • pondering new ways of presenting ideas in shorter, more chunkified posts. I’ve been dabbling with my writing style lately, though it may not be that different.
  • brought Scrivener back into my workflow, and am again loving it now that I’ve let go of some expectations (such as cross-platform consistency).

However, for all the excitement that’s brought, I still have not done the “deep dive” into any aspect of the blog, which is the main challenge that a themed work week is supposed to address. That main challenge is launching the new website, which will make all kinds of wonderful things possible.

I happen to have a weekly “Business Getting Unstuck Night” with two of my close local friends, where we get into the same room for 90 minutes and unstick someone’s project. Usually these are projects that we don’t want to do, but HAVE to, like marketing stuff or working on technical challenges that we don’t want to deal with. It’s like a barn raising, with neighbors pitching-in to help an unfortunate. So for my unsticking last night, I went back to my website and tried to remember where I’d left off. I have an index card and a trello board that described what I needed to do, both content-wise and technically. So I started to look at this stuff again, and discoverd I had forgotten how my technical setup had worked. I spent most of the time reconstructing and documenting how I have my local web development tools set up. Small steps! But after 3-4 hours, I had everything rebuilt, committed to source control, and had made some decisions on what to do next. A tiny bit of progress!

Today, I’m going to see how far I get on this. I have nothing scheduled at all. I have until around 10PM to make some progress on the technical side. I’m deliberately not playing WildStar until Saturday, so that means nothing else is in the way except for myself. Today may be a THREE BLOG POST DAY, so I’ll try to make each one relatively short. Shorter than this one, anyway.