Join the DS|CAFE Discord Chat Room

The DS|CAFE is where I hang-out during the day. The emphasis is supporting each other in our work. I describe the general idea on my virtual coworking page.

"DS|CAFE JAN 26, 2018"

To join the chat room:

1. Sign Up for a Discord Account

Discord is a popular free chat platform you can access through a web browser or various apps. It’s great!

If you’re not on Discord already, sign-up at You just need to do this once.

2. Go to the Virtual Coworking Page

Next, you’ll have to join the server by entering a special invite code. This changes periodically because SPAMMERS will occasionally discover it and start sending bots, so going to the Virtual Coworking Page is the best way to find the current one. It’s at the upper-right of the page.

If everything goes as expected, you will find yourself in the main #chat room and people will say hello! Check out the #welcome_guide channel (left side, first chat room in the list) and enjoy!