Join the DS|CAFE Discord Chat Room

The DS|CAFE is where I hang-out during the day. The emphasis is supporting each other in our work. I describe the general idea on my virtual coworking page.

"DS|CAFE JAN 26, 2018"

To join the chat room:

1. Sign Up for a Discord Account

Discord is a popular free chat platform you can access through a web browser or various apps. It’s great!

If you’re not on Discord already, sign-up at You just need to do this once.

2.Use Invite WsjWyJB

Next, you’ll have to join the server by entering a special invite code. Ours is WsjWyJB. Make sure you’re logged-in with your account

If you’ve just signed up, you’ll be asked if you want to create or join a server. You want to join a server and use the invite code. If you’re already logged-in you can click the [round + button] on the server list (left-most side of screen).

If everything goes as expected, you will find yourself in the main #chat room and people will say hello! Check out the #welcome_guide channel (left side, first chat room in the list) and enjoy!