The Importance of Pizza Peels

The Importance of Pizza Peels

In the continuing adventures with supermarket pre-made pizza dough, I have “successfully” constructed my first pie! Not everything went to plan, though:

Pretty pizza!OH NOThe misshapen aftermath

Making the pizza itself, spreading the dough out and adding some toppings, was not bad. However, I made it on top of a silicone grease splatter guard, it being the only pizza-shaped conveyance device I had in the house; when I tried to put the pizza laden with topping onto the pre-heated stone, it just flopped off all at once and lost its roundness. I was able to unfold it somewhat and recover the pizza later. It tasted OK, but it was really the failure to transfer the pizza that bugged me. It felt like failure, and perhaps this is what I tasted in the pizza afterwards…


Pizza Royale Pizza Peel It’s a pizza peel! You put flour on it before you put the pizza on, then you shimmy it left and right and slide the pizza right off it onto the stone with a quick pulling motion. That’s the theory as I understand it anyway. This one is made by a company named Pizza Royale, and it’s made of “ethically-sourced bamboo”. I like bamboo utensils, and I liked the way the company portrayed their mission to create an affordable, well-designed pizza peel so all could enjoy a fresh pie in their own home. It seems solid. I’m going to give it a try tonight.


  1. Gerry 8 years ago

    You should put corn meal on your pizza peel. The cornmeal acts like little ball bearings anf the pizza slides off the peel. Flour does not work as well

    • John Tapper 8 years ago


  2. Margaret 8 years ago

    Cornmeal is the classic, but I had a bad experience with it spilling onto the floor of the oven where it burned and set off my smoke detector. Now I use parchment paper. Homemade pizza is great, even if you compromise a bit and don’t have a super-crispy crust.