Pre-made Pizza Dough Experiment

Pre-made Pizza Dough Experiment

Pizza Dough I was at the supermarket the other day and saw all the bags of premade pizza dough in the refrigerated section. I normally don’t like supermarket pizza, but the raw dough itself was really intriguing. I’ve never used pizza dough before, and though it would be a cheap and easy introduction to “working with dough”. So I bought a bag of the stuff.

Pizza Dough in a BagPizza Dough in a BowlPizza Dough in a Ball

The instructions called for preheating the oven to 450 degrees, and then rolling the dough in a bowl of flour to keep it from sticking. It was surprisingly elastic, and had a neat texture that resisted my attempts to shape into into a disc. Should I force the shape? Did I need to use a rolling pin for the best result? Was I flattening all the gassy powers that the dough contained, limiting its rising potential? Should I let it sit?

Being too lazy to look any of this up, I just forced it into a flat shape by stretching it, tossed it onto the preheated pizza stone in my oven with the timer set to 20 minutes, and hoped for the best.

Pizza Dough on a oil splatter coverPizza Bread!Pizza Bread and Olive Oil

Not having one of those wooden pizza peels to shove the pizza into the oven, I used a large silicone anti-oil spattering disc to transport the dough. The flattened disk, despite my best efforts, rose to form a dome-like carapace of bread with large airy and elastic pockets. The flavor was quite neutral and actually pleasant because it was warm. I dipped it in some Chetouille unfiltered olive oil with some salt and pepper, and it was pretty good. Not amazing, but pretty enjoyable!

Not wanting to eat the whole thing, I saved half of the loaf in the freezer to see how it will taste tomorrow as a Part II of this experiment.

Verdict: DOUGH IS COOL! I will have to try making it from scratch.

BONUS: I was able to use one of the 4 project tables as an impromptu bread kneading station with an overhead strobe. This makes it much easier to take pictures of the food prep in-progress.

Camera Setup

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  1. Karen 8 years ago

    Try baking sourdough bread! I started with no knead bread from New York Times, then graduated to Sourdough bread. It is not as involved as you may think. I am super excited to see your bread making efforts.