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Producing Day 23-29: A Week of Data

POSTED Mon Jun.30.2014 by Dave Seah UNDER Challenge TAGGED

I somehow made it through the entire week without writing a blog post about the daily grind as I measure my production versus consumption ratio. I’m just about to wrap up the month of data monitoring, so I thought it would be interesting to look at the week as a whole: The above diagram shows […]

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Producing Day 22: Sunday Sloth

POSTED Mon Jun.23.2014 by Dave Seah UNDER Challenge TAGGED

Picking up from Friday and Saturday, Sunday’s activity log for production/consumption ratio tracking shows a marked increase in pure goofing off. It’s Monday afternoon as I’m writing this, and I can’t even remember what I did yesterday. So let’s look at the graph (which took 7 minutes to do, from start to upload):

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Producing Days 20-21: Sharpening the Visualization

POSTED Sun Jun.22.2014 by Dave Seah UNDER Challenge TAGGED

Reporting on Friday and Saturday’s production/consumption ratio tracking, as described here. Overall, these were productive days, but I’m surprised at just how much time went to non-production work. I’ve made some adjustment to my categories, and figured out how to make Excel plot colors the way I want so I can easily tell what time […]

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Producing Day 19: Sorta Productive, but Not?

POSTED Fri Jun.20.2014 by Dave Seah UNDER Challenge TAGGED

Summarizing yesterday’s post: I accepted that I can never be as fast, efficient, and disciplined as I want. Reflecting on that today, it’s probably because I expect and want things to happen as fast as the speed of thought, which basically means I don’t want to wait or go through the effort. I need to […]

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Producing Day 17-18: Pie Charts and Further Definition

POSTED Thu Jun.19.2014 by Dave Seah UNDER Challenge TAGGED

In my ongoing experiment this month to observe when I am producing versus consuming, I’ve so far discovered that I’m not spending a whole lot of time actually producing despite being busy. Here’s a breakdown of the past two days: The colors that I want to see are CYAN for PRODUCING (Tuesday’s 33%, at the […]

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Producing Day 16: Modeling my Energy Modes

POSTED Tue Jun.17.2014 by Dave Seah UNDER Challenge TAGGED

Today’s report on the producing versus consuming challenge continues with the first “stumble of the month”: a lapse in productivity despite my “best” efforts. This is followed by observations, assessment, and a list of the motivating factors that actually seem to work for me. Tomorrow, I plan on brainstorming a new approach to my day […]

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Producing Day 5 to 15: A Whirlwind of Change

POSTED Mon Jun.16.2014 by Dave Seah UNDER Challenge TAGGED

I’m still on a producing versus consuming mindfulness blitz this month, but I haven’t been good about keeping track of what’s been happening over the past 10 days. I’ve been really busy, as I had hired a friend to clean my house over several days and it’s become the major background activity in my life. […]