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Fogbrain Battle Two: Wednesday of Wandering Attention

POSTED Thu Mar.27.2014 by Dave Seah UNDER Challenge, Process TAGGED

Wednesday saw an improvement in concentration and productivity, but it took a while to transition to “focused” from the “distracted” mode, where I kept turning to Facebook, mail, and twitter to find something else to react to.

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Taming My Heart and Mind

POSTED Mon Mar.17.2014 by Dave Seah UNDER Challenge, Musings

A few weeks ago I started paying attention to the ever-present “fogginess” in my brain. After another week of observation, I’m starting to think that the source of the fog is actually not in my head, but in my heart. This weekend, I identified two closely-related foggy-brained sensations. One seems to come from the mental […]


Groundhog Day Resolutions 2014: Kick Off!

POSTED Sun Feb.02.2014 by Dave Seah UNDER Challenge, Personal TAGGED , ,

It’s time again for Groundhog Day Resolutions! SUMMARY: At the end of last year, I had been feeling depressed about the lack of progress I’d made, but I’ve worked through it and am ready for YEAR 8 to begin. I’ll be making some changes to my approach, which previously was based on a “creative independence […]


Setting the Tone for 2014, Part IV: Last Call Before GHD!

POSTED Sat Feb.01.2014 by Dave Seah UNDER Challenge, Musings TAGGED

You know what tomorrow is? It’s Groundhog Day, which means it’s almost time to set my goals for the year with Groundhogs Day Resolutions! I take the month plus 1 day after New Years Day to have some time to decompress from the holidays and get myself put back together; this year I’ve written three […]

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Setting the Tone for 2014, Part III: Identity & Mission

POSTED Mon Jan.20.2014 by Dave Seah UNDER Challenge, Musings TAGGED

Up to now, I have been feeling immense indifference toward 2014 due to a measure of dissatisfaction. Not that 2013 was a bad year; in fact, the game plan for 2014 is the same: achieve “creative independence” by learning how to sell products based on my design work. A key insight is that it will […]


November’s Game is The Minimalism Game

POSTED Sat Nov.02.2013 by Dave Seah UNDER Challenge TAGGED

I found out about The Minimalism Game catching up on Colleen Wainwright’s Facebook page, upon which she had posted a picture of some clothes she was tossing under the mysterious hashtag #MinsGame. It turns out that this is a project, of sorts, from two journalists who are learning to live with less stuff. This has […]


“Blog my Butt Off” Conclusions

POSTED Wed Sep.04.2013 by Dave Seah UNDER Challenge, Musings

About three weeks ago I tweeted that I was going to “blog my butt off”, the idea being that I wanted to see what would happen if I posted stuff without worrying about how it fit with my website’s “theme”. I had been feeling bottled-up for quite a long time, and wanted to see if […]