2015 Gratitude Page

I’m going to try to think of one specific thing to be grateful every day of January 2015. I’m not sure what the outcome will be, but I’m confident that I’ll learn something

date grateful for
01.01 I am grateful that today my bad tooth came out without an accompanying geyser of blood.
01.03 Grateful to live in the USA and know how to use the Internet at a technical level. Power!
01.04 Grateful to know how to create. Just need to work on process.
01.05 Grateful that even though my tooth will cost $5000 to fix, it is not worse than it is. Trying out Verilux lamp.
01.06 Grateful for Sara Bareilles and being able to work at home with current contract work. Insight of the day: Productivity is either feeling or production methodology, with a little bit of management trickery and expectation setting.
01.07 Despite a trying day of dealing with healthcare, cell phone plans, and multiple dental appointments, am feeling grateful for having money saved to pay for it.

MENTAL NOTE: I feel some very light frustration about not working on BIG PERSONAL PROJECTS, and also the deadlines coming up in February.

date grateful for
01.08 I am grateful for new coffeehouses, friends that are real and authentic, and clean laundry.
01.09 I am grateful that the glass on my dining room table broke, so I can now take it apart and store it when the living room cafe comes together. I am also grateful today, though I get sleepy just thinking about it, that I have the choice and responsibility to work on technically-interesting projects with people I like.
01.10 I am grateful for not having to do anything today. So lazy!
01.11 I am grateful for music jams, fiddles, and bagpipes. And also for good Asian markets nearby.
01.12 I am so unmotivated today, and grouchy at inconvenient chores imposed on my responsibility, but nevertheless I am grateful (if not actually happy) that I was able to be of use. A weird mix of emotions.
01.13 I am grateful for having the tools and expertise to debug weird computer problems, while wearing pyjamas!

NOTE: The remainder of this month is a crunch to complete a project by first week of February, so mostly focused on a single project.

date grateful for
01.14 FORGOT TO BE GRATEFUL. Was blur of a day.
01.15 FORGOT TO BE GRATEFUL. Three meetings. Two cancelled. One hotdog dinner with friends.
01.16 FORGOT TO BE GRATEFUL. Was blur of a day. Heavy WildStar community interaction (4AM)
01.17 FORGOT TO BE GRATEFUL. Complete laziness. Heavy WildStar community interaction (4AM)
01.18 I am grateful that my schedule can be so flexible. But I think I need to rein it in productively. It’s Lizard Brain versus Executive Brain.
01.19 FORGOT TO BE GRATEFUL. Thought about how we each are shaped by anxieties. Mine are people feelings and expectations.
01.20 Am not feeling particularly grateful. Wish I did. Feeling indifferent, not excited.
01.23 Grateful for old friends that make meeting new friends possible.
01.24 FORGOT TO BE GRATEFUL. Working over the weekend.
01.25 Working over the weekend. Grateful for mystery ice cream places and the availability of custard.
01.26 Grateful for podcasting today! Also the book “Great Good Places” tying a lot of threads together.
01.27 Grateful for uneventful SNOWMAGEDDON record 33″ not knocking out power
01.28 Grouchy because SPAMMERS compromised website on server. GRR.
01.29 FORGOT TO BE GRATEFUL. Concerned about health. Feeling old.
01.30 Grateful for flexible schedules. Grateful for fruitful long-standing opportunities.
01.31 FORGOT TO BE GRATEFUL. Have been chained to work desk.
02.01 Grateful for binges on weird animated series that give me some insight into the human condition, particularly mine! Thank you, AKB0048!
02.02 Grateful for sleeping until 4PM because I don’t have to drive to a work place, and it’s another snow day anyway.