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  • Second Take: Public Wiki @ David Seah

    December 3, 2007

    A while ago I had installed a Wiki so people could post their various modifications to the Printable CEO...

    DSri Seah
  • Getting to Know My Environment

    October 14, 2007

    October 15th is Blog Action Day, and the topic is The Environment. Now, I like a nice tree as...

    DSri Seah
  • The New New 9rules: Ali 2 Launches

    October 9, 2007

    One of the best days of my life, though I didn’t fully appreciate it until months later, was when...

    DSri Seah
  • Kickstarting a Freelancer/Collaboration Network

    September 12, 2007

    I’ve been putting this off for months, putting out a call for people who do awesome work, so they...

    DSri Seah
  • Blog Action Day is October 15

    September 11, 2007

    I got a nice email from Leo over at Zen Habits telling me about Blog Action Day, which is...

    DSri Seah
  • Those Other People

    August 14, 2007

    The other day I was chatting with a good friend via instant message, mentioning some information I’d read about...

    DSri Seah