Second Take: Public Wiki @ David Seah

A while ago I had installed a Wiki so people could post their various modifications to the Printable CEO series of tools, thus removing myself as the bottleneck for disseminating these evolved ideas to the public. Having moved to Expression Engine, I now can deployed a much more integrated Wiki that supports my favored syntax for formatting articles, John Gruber’s Markdown.

The new wiki is accessible via the navigation link at the top as Public Wiki. This place is a free-for-all for people to play in. The policy is simple: Be nice, help each other out, and don’t be a jerk. I also will remove content that I consider blatantly commercial, not in the spirit of community, a violation of copyright, or is an executable program of some kind. Otherwise, share whatever you want!

You will need to register as a member of the site again to be able to upload files and edit Wiki pages. On the plus side, registered member’s comments should be automatically approved, and future services (Discussion forums and updated versions of the online versions of the Emergent Task Timer, for example) will all use the same credentials; this capability is the major reason why I switched to Expression Engine.

One note on uploading: I encourage people to post any files or materials on their own website with a related blog entry or descriptive page. You may then add a link to an appropriate page (make one up if you don’t see anything, I’ll organize it later). The upload facility I am providing for the handful of people who do not have their own web host. I appreciate the files people have sent me, but it takes quite a bit of time for me to download a file, decompress, and then upload the file with descriptive notes. The end result is that I usually don’t end up posting them. I wish it were different, but that’s just the way things are for me right now, as I have quite a bit of other work to do at the moment. I hope this is a reasonable compromise.