Blog Action Day is October 15

Blog Action Day is October 15

I got a nice email from Leo over at Zen Habits telling me about Blog Action Day, which is coming up this October 15th. The idea is that bloggers can collectively converse on a topic of global relevance. You know, the power of the blogosphere, much mocked by the so-called Old Media, but reaching a more literate and plugged-in demographic. I’ve been experimenting with more community participation activities as part of my social networking goals for the year, so I figure participating in Blog Action Day will help me along in unpredictable and exciting ways!

The topic of this first Blog Action Day is something that is not on my mind a lot: The Environment. I suppose the reason this is the case is because I live in southern New Hampshire, and we like the Environment just fine so long as it doesn’t get in the way of our civil liberties, or people from out of state tell us how we should be taking care of our own backyard, thank you very much. But that’s politics, which is another topic I avoid thinking about unless it is actually in my way. What’s more interesting to me is how The Environment affects people personally, and therefore how our manipulation of The Environment can be a course of action.

I’m open to suggestions on some topic related to The Environment to write about…if anyone would like to toss me a few challenges to write about in the comments (kind of like what we did with The Bee Story a few months back), this might be a fun way of getting even more people participating. So go ahead, make some outrageous, silly, or even serious claim or statement (it doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not)…the challenge will be to integrate everything into some semblance of coherent speech.

You can read more about Blog Action Day over on the official website.


  1. Lisa 13 years ago

    As someone who works for a Green Non-profit, I am ALWAYS coming up against folks who think that unless they buy a Prius, wash their clothing on a washboard in a river, or eat organic everything, that they are not “doing their part.”

    Heck, a few CFL’s and keeping your car tuned up can help immensely, if enough people do it.

    How about that as a topic: “little things add up to a lot?”


  2. seuss 13 years ago

    The inevitabilities of Global Warming get tremendous lip service. However, current ice core research suggests we’re on the “edge” of another Ice Age. Are we heading for another Ice Age? And what would it mean for our descendants?

  3. orli 13 years ago

    Are global temps on the rise? Possibly, but they were rising in the 20’s and 30’s as well.  The question is, is it linked to direct human activities?  Another question is, does the earth have cooling mechanisms in place?  Take a look at the Iris Effect and you’ll be less surprised by the ice age comment by seuss… Good stewardship of the earth is a must, but alarmism/extremism tends to blow what little scientific facts we have in this area way out of proportion.  Flame on ;)

  4. ScottG 13 years ago

    Probably a tough topic, but maybe some of it can be answered intuitively. Why is global warming such a contentious topic. What do you think motivates people who deny that it exists, or is a problem we need to address, and likewise, what motivates environmental activists who are demanding immediate changes?

  5. Mark 13 years ago

    Greetings –

    As someone who lives in the Caribbean and witnesses the destruction of the marine and terrestrial environments on a daily basis, any post you write that educates and enlightens people on the intrinsic value of the environment will be well worth your time. Stated another way, certain places sell the environment as their “tourism product.” However, the developers tend to destroy exactly what they are selling while throwing around sustainable development clichés like lollipops.

    All the best,

  6. Dave Seah 13 years ago

    all: I really appreciate this input, everyone. Already, I am forced to confront this issue in a way that’s rewiring my brain. This blog action day event is going to be very interesting!

  7. SAG_Geneve 13 years ago
  8. ppedersen 13 years ago

    Blog Action Day!

    My message for all is: “Safeguard and Improve Your Environment”

  9. Julian Ayrs 13 years ago

    For my blog action contribution…look for my tribute to the environment.
    With Leonardo DiCaprio, award-winning animated shorts, and newsbites from leading conservationalists around the globe!