Screencast of Adding Patreon Widget to Blog (GHD043)

Screencast of Adding Patreon Widget to Blog (GHD043)

Wednesday 6AM! I spent a bunch of hours setting up Open Broadcaster Studio on the Macintosh, and then tried recording myself creating a new “support me on patreon” widget graphic. It took 30 minutes, which seems like a long time to just add a graphic, but that’s how long it took!

The video is about 30 minutes long, and shows me fumbling around Photoshop and WordPress trying to remember how the heck I did this before. You can see the actual widget on the blog page.

Stuff Learned and GHDR Points Earned

Originally I was just going to make the badge and be done with it, but ramping up the screencasting software AND making some overlay graphics took up additional time.

50 Shared something I know (how to add a widget graphic to a sidebar)
10 Makes a future result (live streaming on Mac) possible!
10 Makes a future result (multi-source video capture on Mac) possible!
10 Makes a future result (made graphics overlays for screencasts) possible!
3 Overcame resistance (learning some new software) to advance!
2 Posted words on this website!

Around 85 points. Not bad.

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