Incremental Music Preparation (GHD025)

Incremental Music Preparation (GHD025)

After yesterday’s realization that I probably needed to slow down even more, today’s task was merely to write an introduction for the music exploration videos I’m doing as part of the Music Composition Goal. I wrote the following draft intro, which I think I will read at the beginning of each video:

“This is part of a series of videos for exploring music composition. I have a serviceable sense of pitch, but I can’t play an instrument or read music. I’m going to try approaching this as a music outsider and just see what, let’s start breaking some stuff!”

I also gathered up a list of possible videos to look at on YouTube as part of a “react and think” exercise for the first few videos. I have no idea how they’ll really turn out, or if they will be really embarrassing for me, but I think it might be interesting. Today’s writeup was a tiny step toward that direction.

Stuff Learned and GHDR Points Earned

3 I overcame resistance and did some tedious work to advance. I wrote some text!
1 I researched goal related topics

That’s 4 points. I guess I’ll take it. At least a bit of progress was made!

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