Game Dev Meetup! (GHD023)

Game Dev Meetup! (GHD023)

"GHDR Goal" Wednesday was a Social Day, catching up with a friend I hadn’t seen in years. Eric recently released an escape game, a subgenre of adventure game, which you click around a virtual room to solve puzzles so you can leave the room. Eric demoed the game at the always-excellent Southern NH Game Developers Meetup and shared some of the story: it was originally a short project that grew into a year of weekend polishing, which was well received by the escape game community. You can check out Strange Magic Escape and experience it for yourself! The wonderful thing about today’s visit was that it got me more excited about games (which is one of my 2024 goals), but reminded me how great it is to be among creative people who share the same interests, what some of my friends call PLU: “People Like Us” :)

It was especially heartwarming to see Eric’s side project connect him with the possibility that he could perhaps start focusing on this more because the world responded to something he made with enthusiasm, which unlocks all manner of possibilities that did not exist before!

Stuff Learned and GHDR Points Earned

Today’s lesson: “Yay, people!” in the context of my “Game Making” goal. I am re-energized (and in hindsight, I really needed this boost).

5 I helped a friend with a past result. Sharing some of the community stuff I know about helped an old friend connect with new possibilities!
3 I talked face-to-face with people about my goals!
2 Posted words about the work! (this post!)

That’s only 10 points, but points are points. And I feel pretty good about having remade connections with an old friend and the greatness of finding people who are like me.

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  1. Jenny 8 years ago

    I love escape games! I mean, I’m not great at them, but I love them nonetheless :). I love your points here, especially the one about talking face-to-face with people about your goals. That’s something I wish I was better at doing! I’m happy to read about your success with it. It must be a great feeling to reconnect with old friends!

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 8 years ago

    Jenny: I am just discovering escape games, and I am inclined to agree! Especially when there seems to be some kind of mystery story involved. I used to not really like them in adventure games because of the roaming around part, but an escape game seems like a nice combination of puzzle, location, and mystery in one room. I guess I am just lazy. Thanks for reading along, and yah, it’s great to reconnect with old friends. I’m going through the, “why didn’t I do this more?” phase now :-)