MicroTask 01: A Micro Task Reminder

MicroTask 01: A Micro Task Reminder

Micro Task Focus As I wrote in my last groundhog day resolutions review, this month I am going to see how I like making very small amounts of progress. I tend to like to complete things in one pass, so forcing myself to take things step-by-step will either teach me new levels of patience, or I will go insane.

I’m calling these small steps “Micro Tasks”, and as I describe on the Microtask Challenge Page they have the following characteristics:

  • Any tangible step I can take quickly, in around 15 minutes
  • Is NOT complete in itself
  • When combined with something else, becomes part of a finished piece of work.
  • Is related to one of my 2015 Goals

Today being the first day, I blanked on what to do. How do I even take a tiny step? So in the spirit of doing something quickly, I made a daily worksheet that had my goals printed on them. I reused some clipart from my friend Brad Fitzpatrick, sized it to fit two on a page, and boom. Done. Actually, it took about an hour, but I feel at least I’m moving.

Micro Task Focus

Impressions and Observations

  • It took longer than I thought it would take, maybe an hour.
  • Maybe what matters more is that I only took a couple of minutes to decide what to do. And then, with that goal set, I forgot about the future.
  • I feel kind of antsy still, wanting to do something more to the sheet, but I am deliberately not doing it.
  • I wish I had a color printer that didn’t waste so much ink. Suppressing desire to research and price toner-based color laser printers.
  • At a loss at what to do next. Oh, I printed out my goals on the worksheet. I am creating and sharing by writing this blog post, but that category is really for fun things related to my other interests, through really short posts and pictures.
  • A new rule I need to make is do just one thing toward the goals. Perhaps I need to make another worksheet for the personal project goals too.

That’ll do it for now!

UPDATE: Here’s the sheet at the end of the day.

Micro Task Focus

About this Article Series

This is part of a month-long challenge to see if I can make something small every day to learn patience. The April 2015 Challenge Page lists everything in one place...check it out!