Thing-a-Day 24: Thimble-full of Patience Card

Thing-a-Day 24: Thimble-full of Patience Card

Visualizing Low Reserves of Energy and Patience

Continuing the theme of low energy, I had an idea about taking a macro photograph of a thimble and putting some kind of cathartic wording around it. I went thimble shopping yesterday, busted out my 50mm macro lens, and took a picture with extremely shallow depth-of-field. Then I winged it.

Design Thoughts

A few days ago I was feeling SO LOW ON ENERGY that I grumped to myself, “I have less than a thimble-full of energy and I’m not giving it to ANYONE.” This got me thinking about just how much energy was in a thimble, which in turn gave me enough energy to want to BUY a thimble and some needle threaders, as I had discovered I didn’t have these items when I was attaching MicroUSB thumb drives to cards the other day.

It occurred to me that if I took a really close-up picture of a thimble, its holding capacity becomes much more subjective. We know that thimbles are small and wouldn’t hold a lot of anything, but when confronted with a macro (“extreme closeup”) photo of it, we physically see something much larger. How can you tell how much it can hold without any other reference for scale? And isn’t it the same for how much energy we think we have? A thimble-full of energy could be just a little, or it could actually be a lot.

The design of this 3×5″ card plays around with this idea. On the surface, it may appear to be another tool for venting like the Annoyed Task Planner, but like that tool it may help channel positive energies without actually telling you to cheer-up.


I’m providing a low-resolution printout that you can cut-out yourself. With the ability to do some custom short-run products emerging from my other Thing-a-Day process explorations, I’m hoping to offer these sometime in the future for purchase in some kind of variety pack. We shall see!

This is another experiment, so let me know if it sparks any ideas in the comments! Enjoy!

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