Thing-a-Day 16: The Annoyed Task Planner (ATP)

Annoyed Task Planner

An Annoying Day

Sunday! I woke up late after sleeping fitfully, having suffered TWO CHARLIE HORSES, which made it difficult to walk around this afternoon when I finally got out of bed at 2PM. Grouchy. Cold. Not feeling like working.

I thought maybe of doing some Calendar updates, but I knew that I didn’t have a lot of energy in me to deal with it. I’m thinking of going to sleep again, but I first had a brainstorm about how I might convert my annoyance with the world into The Annoyed Task Planner.

Annoyance as Inspiration

I’m not in a particularly good mood today, but sometimes this is the source of inspiration. Rather than dig-deep to find some perky optimism to sprinkle on the day, I’m choosing instead to indulge my displeasure.

Strangely, this indulgence of displeasure always seems to have an uplifting effect on me. I can’t stay in a bad mood for very long, I suppose, before it decomposes into snarkiness.

ATP sheet The Annoyed Task Planner (or ATP, as I’ll refer to it), recognizes that you’re in a bad mood and doesn’t try to cheer you up. It acknowledges that life is annoying, and it doesn’t put a lot of demands on you. You can opt-out at any time. But if you DO sign up, you get to pick three things to do. Three mundane, probably dumb things to do. But they are things to do, none-the-less. You are encouraged not to think too much about it, or even aspire for much. Really, who has the energy today to do it?

After that, you just DO it. There’s a handy worksheet on the right side to help gather your thoughts, and there’s also the annoyances logging below.

ATP Annoyances The annoyances logging provides you with a way to vent about everything that is annoying you, either focused on whatever 3 tasks you choose, or something “other” that you just need to complain about. At the end of the day, assuming you don’t fill this up, you’ll get a nice scatter plot of where you were mostly annoyed. There is also my favorite new form entry element, the angry scribble, where you can draw-in just how irked you are to give your annoyance log entry some backbone.


If you are in a suitably bad mood, AND you’re interested in giving this form a whirl, you can download it here:

Let me know what you think. Enjoy…or whatever.

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