Thing-a-Day 15: New Slide, Simplified Front Page

Thing-a-Day 15: New Slide, Simplified Front Page

Website Design Comparison

Saturday, where did you go? I was tired all day, and instead of forcing myself to do something, I decided to just indulge my napping until I woke up. Apparently I am capable of a LOT of napping, to the point of feeling sick.

Around midnight I had had enough and went to make something to eat as I thought about what Thing-a-Day to make. It hit me that today was DAY 15, and I had a lot of things; why not make a new slide for the site home page? EASY, RIGHT?! A couple hours later…

Simplicity and Flow

Earlier today I saw a tweet from Amy Segreti regarding flow:

@daveseah Love your Day 12 honesty ( …), lowering the bar to allow for busyness. I’d call that following your flow. ;)

To which I replied:

@AmySegreti I love the idea that “lowering the bar” leads to flow! I didn’t make the connection between flow and least resistance before!

Least resistance to flow…this was a new idea to me. It’s also the reason why I decided to nap instead of work…maybe this was the path of least resistance, and I needed it! I’m not sure how that worked out, but making a simple slide for the front page seemed along the same lines of “least resistance”. It’s something that I needed, and it didn’t seem that hard!

New Challenge Slide Not the world’s most inspired layout, but it works! Drop shadows and easy color combinations…boom! Now just to drop it into the…oh wait a minute. The home page didn’t look right to me anymore for the following reasons:

  • It seemed way too wordy.
  • It had stuff there that I didn’t even want to read.

So, I reorganized it and chopped out some content. New writing about what I’m doing at the top. It used to say this:

Hi! I write about design and creativity in the context of my desire to live as an independent artist. I work as a freelance interactive designer/developer, currently applying video game methods for educational software projects. I also design productivity tools which I am growing into a self-sustaining stationery business.

BLAH BLAH BLAH. At the time I wrote that, though, I was uncertain about shifting into a new direction, and I think I had to pile-on the words to give myself some confidence in the structure of what I was doing. These days, I’m much more settled on the idea of what I’m doing, and so the new copy reads as follows:

Hi! I’m an interactive designer/developer, applying video game methods to education. I also design productivity tools, which I am growing into a stationery business. I write about everything I’m doing in case there are people on similar journeys. Perhaps we can share notes and connect!

It’s not shorter, but it is a bit more direct.

Right after that, I’ve put just a slideshow of recent stuff (this is where the new slide went), and eliminated the “recent posts” carousel. It was there just to fill space. Then after that is where I put all the 10 year goals. This is a better place I think because it was rather hard to dig into at the very top of the page; if you’re a visitor hitting the site for the first time, you don’t want to read a bunch of little boxes. You want to know why you are here, and maybe see a picture, and maybe click on something.

Here’s the before and after (before on left). The current text on the website is a bit different from what I have in the screen capture, I know…

Site Comparison Overall, it’s more compact, and a bit more straightforward I think. Good things, which is why it’s today’s THING-A-DAY.

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