Thing-a-Day 14: Some Project 1401 Documentation

Thing-a-Day 14: Some Project 1401 Documentation

Diagram of Rendering System

Friday was another day swamped with work, and I didn’t know when I’d have time to do anything for Thing-a-Day. However, the work I did was also applicable to Project 1401, my personal video game project, so I shifted some time to making a helpful diagram that shows all the relationships in the graphics rendering code.

The Challenge

We’ve been developing prototype activities that use both 3D and 2D graphics in a browser window. Since I’m pretty new to this graphics library we’re using (ThreeJS), it’s taken me a couple of iterations to recognize where the weak points in our implementation are. I realized several days ago what the major problems were, and how they could be dealt with in a much more consistent approach than what we’re using now. There were, however, a lot of different details to hold in my head, and it was easy to confuse one for another.

So I made this diagram that helped me keep everything clear in my head. I’m sure it just looks confusing to the casual viewer, but here it is anyway:

Diagram of Rendering System It’ll be nice to add to the documentation have when I back-port the new renderer code into Project 1401, hopefully this weekend!

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  1. Paul Barth 9 years ago

    What software did you use to create that diagram? Looks great.

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 9 years ago

    Paul: I drew it using Adobe Illustrator, a general purpose computer illustration program. A less-polished but free version of this is called InkScape.