Thing-a-Day 17: Left-Side Full-Size ETP Variant

Left Side ETP Variant

News from the Printer

Over the weekend I got an estimate of the production cost for full-size ETP Notebooks, and I believe I can afford to put them into production for 2015! I’m going to start with a run of 500 notebooks.

First, though, I need to make some prototypes. There are two contenders: a left spread and a right spread. Details follow.

Two Variations

With this notebook design, I am expanding the amount of note-taking area. This notebook is designed with a lot of room, so you can take a lot of notes during the day!

Let’s look at the two possibilities:

Right Side SpreadRIGHT-SIDE SPREAD This is the original design, adjusted though so the date is on the right edge of the spread so it’s easy to find dates as you flip through the book.

» Download Mockup 1

Left Side SpreadLEFT-SIDE SPREAD And this is the left-hand spread, with the ETP on the left. As you can see, I’ve also flipped the DAY GRID with the TASK LIST, so the extended notes area lines up with it properly.

» Download Mockup 2

Pros and Cons

There are several advantages to the left-hand spread, as you can work LEFT-TO-RIGHT, and the first page of the notebook is not an orphan. However, the LAST page will be orphaned. And also, all the other ETP designs do not use this layout.

Likewise, in the right-hand spread. the FIRST page will be orphaned (an ETP form without a corresponding note area).

Feedback Welcome

If you have some thoughts on which layout is better, let me know! I’m currently leaning toward the left-hand spread, because (1) it’s different and (2) I like the flow. With a double-wire binding, the notebook will lie flat so I don’t think it will be awful. I have asked the printer to make two prototypes though to confirm production details, so it may be a couple of weeks until we’re ready for the next step.

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