Thing-a-Day 25: Picking Colors and Textures for ETP Hardbound; Pork Shank

Thing-a-Day 25: Picking Colors and Textures for ETP Hardbound; Pork Shank

Covers and Possibilities

My printer left a message about the arrival of “sample cover material” for the hardbound covers of the upcoming full-size ETP notebook, which will be 8.8×11 inches of double-wirebound goodness. Originally, I had specified that I wanted a pebbled cover just like my beloved Cachet Classic Graph notebooks, but apparently there are other options

The Options

First of all, there’s the style of grain.

Types of Grain Apparently, this kind of cover is made out of some kind of laminate film that is embossed with a pattern; the material is then somehow wrapped around the chipboard core. The pattern that is most similar to the Cachet Classic Graph is the third from the bottom on the right side. It’s a very common texture in just about every art sketchbook that’s made out there. It’s kind of exciting to have a CHOICE. There is also an extensive array of color options, which you can see in the title image of this post, but I’m pretty much sticking with good ‘ole black. At least, that is what I THOUGHT I was going to do.

It’s taken over a year to even get to the point where we can make this selection. Sourcing the chipboard locally (or as locally as possible within New England) has been a challenge. By now, my printer has a good feel for what I’m trying to do, and happened to mention to the sales rep for these covers that the product was for an “executive” feel, which caused the sales rep to go back to his car and grab a completely different sample book:

Types of Executive Covers Now, these materials have a very smooth fine leather finish (though it is synthetic) with some subtle grain. It’s more expensive, I’m assuming, and I’m not sure how hard-wearing they are, but they certainly FEEL good when touched. I’m partial to the Chestnut and Mocha colors, though they are all pretty nice. What I am not sure about is whether the style of cover (square punched double-wire-bound) will look good with this kind of cover material. I think it might be a bit jarring.

When I go back tomorrow to return the sample books, I’ll request pricing for some of these other materials. Or, perhaps it will be possible to run with a number of different colors.

Other Design Decisions

Based on the feedback I’ve gotten from you all out there, I will be producing the left hand spread version. This has the ETP on the left side of a two-page spread. It should be possible to add a few blank sheets at the end too without inducing the cost of a whole ‘nother run, according to one of the print guys I talked to.

So that’s today’s THING-A-DAY: Progress on the ETP Full Size Notebook

If you have any comments about colors and grains, let me know in the comments! Thanks!

Bonus Thing-a-Day: Pork Shank!

On my way back from the printer, I stopped by the supermarket to buy food for Thanksgiving. They had vacuum-sealed fresh pork picnic shoulder for 79 cents a pound, which is ridiculously cheap, and I found one that was additionally marked down by a dollar. So I got an 8-pound shank for something like six dollars and change, and immediate made a Chinese-style Red Cooked Pork Shank. It takes about 6 hours total to make, but it’s easy: here is the 4-hour slow simmered shank ready for a rest overnight in the refrigerator:

Pork Shank This is very much a comfort food dish for me, and it’s usually a big deal to have one at a banquet. I figure since we’re expecting a winter storm tomorrow AND my sister’s family will be arriving (hopefully), it’ll be nice for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner. I have been hankering to cook more Asian-style food anyway. So that’s today’s BONUS THING-A-DAY!

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