Thing-a-Day 26: TPT with DONE on the left

Thing-a-Day 26: TPT with DONE on the left

Flipped Version of TPT

Before the Emergent Task Planner, there was the Task Progress Tracker (or TPT). It was designed as a to-do list that measured effort; you would fill-in a bubble for every bit of time you spent so you could feel momentum. A regular to-do list item can be checked-off only when it’s done, which might be a long time coming.

I had a request yesterday about flipping the DONE boxes from the right-side to the left, which I thought was a great idea because it would be fast! I wasn’t sure what it would look like, but here it is!

Full SizeThe “flipped” version of the TPT is based on the US “Binder-Friendly” design, which is currently available only in black-and-white in US Letter 8.5×11. It’s designed for 600DPI black and white printers, so it may not print well on color printers that don’t have a “fine” setting. If there is interest, I can develop out the entire line.


Enjoy! That concludes today’s THING-A-DAY. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. penny 9 years ago

    a little detail that makes a huge difference! i have always check-boxed on the left, so this is perfect! thank you!

  2. KJ 9 years ago