Online WSJ Readers: Compact Calendar Link

Compact CalendarWelcome Online WSJ Readers! Here’s a direct link to The Compact Calendar. There are also International Versions available, along with alternate formats.

Enjoy your visit! Thanks for reading!

Here’s what’s up!

I’ve been mentioned in this article on the online WSJ, but not being a subscriber I didn’t know what was in it. I followed a referrer back to a post in the GodBit forums, where thanks to Michael (hey Mike) I’ve now seen the following very nice tidbit:

My pick: The Compact Calendar. Designed by Massachusetts-based Web designer David Seah ( on a sheet of paper to figure out how long it would take to complete projects, factoring in vacations and weekends, the Compact Calendar is as simple as it is clever.

Very cool! The rest of the article might be interesting too, for those of you who have subscriptions.