Compact Calendar for 2007

Compact Calendar Example UPDATE: The updated 2008 calendar is available here!

The Compact Calendar is designed to provide a compact view of the year, with plenty of space for making annotations. I use it as to “doodle plan” project timelines during meetings with clients. Since the days are presented contiguously while retaining the days of the week, you get a more intuitive sense of how the days are flowing and can estimate accordingly.

You can also select rows within Microsoft Excel (required) and “Print Selection” to print just a portion of the year. Useful for short-term projects.

I sometimes also print these out and tape them to available surfaces, like the inside of a notebook, to have a handy calendar available. For a more in-depth look at design rationale, check out my original 2006 writeup.

The original US updated file, incidentally, were provided by reader Daniel Byler, who needed them for his own work. He selflessly forwarded them to me so all could enjoy. Thanks Daniel! You rock!

US Version

» Download US Version of 2007 Compact Calendar

Other Locales

If you have a localized version you’d like to share, let me know!

» Australian Version from A Random

» Brazillian Version from Paulo Rodrigo Teixeira

» Canadian Version from “Quanta”

» Chinese Versions from Camelot Castle

» Columbian (Spanish) Version from Vida En Orden

» German Version from Lennart Groetzbach

» French Version from Le Tisseur De Toile

» Hungarian Version from “Kobak”

» Italian Version from Luca Magnani » Italian Version with Week #s from Paolo Ciarrocchi

» Japanese Version from Yoshiomi Kurisu

» Netherlands & Frisian Version from Piter

» New Zealand Version from bignoseduglyguy

» Norwegian Version from Vidar Gundersen

» Portuguese Version (European) from “Rip”

» Russian Version from “Bobr”

» Singaporean Version from Chew LH

» South African Version from Jason Bagley

» Spanish Version from Jeroen Sangers

» Swedish Version from Jim Carlberg

» UK/Wales Version from Clive Griffiths

» UK/Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland Version from Bruce Marriot

If you’d like to contribute a localized version, please:

  1. Post your files on your own website.
  2. Write a blog post or web page linking to your files.
  3. Send me a note and a link to your web page.


PDF Versions

PDF versions for those of you who don’t have Excel installed. Also including a generic no-holiday version, for those of you without a localized version available.

» PDF of 2007 Compact Calendar (week starting Sunday) CompactCalendar2007ss.pdf

» PDF of 2007 Compact Calendar (week starting Monday) CompactCalendar2007ms.pdf

» PDF of 2007 Compact Calendar (Generic week starting Sunday) CompactCalendar2007genss.pdf

» PDF of 2007 Compact Calendar (Generic week starting Monday) CompactCalendar2007genms.pdf