Play Like a Girl

Play Like a Girl

There are those who literally ROCK for a living, and the rest of us are sometimes lucky to get a GUITAR LESSON from them. Lorinator at Play Like a Girl demonstrates a guitar solo in this awesome video for one of her blog readers. It’s all completely over my head, but it’s a rare treat to see someone who knows their stuff in an educational context, and it’s an EXTRA BONUS when they’re completely and authentically themselves. There’s also a great comment by a reader that goes like: speed is not something you build; it is the byproduct of accuracy. SO AWESOME. Check out the [video!]lorinator


  1. Lori 17 years ago

    Wow, never expected to see my Cheeky Guitar Videos (TM) mentioned on any other blogs, let alone HERE at the mighty So glad you liked it :-) For practicing technique (something new I’m trying for 2007) I’m tracking progress with a form inspired by your PCEO. Thanks for sharing all your productivity goodness with us!

    Rock on,


  2. Dave Seah 17 years ago

    Here at Better Living through New Media, we likes to point out anything that’s inspiring and real :-) You’ve got me wondering now what a technique practicing form looks like! There was someone here a while ago who was looking for a music practicing form, so I made one up but I pulled the whole thing out of my butt. Don’t know if it worked or not, actually, or actually did damage. I’m suddenly picturing some kind of form that required you to do fast arpegeggio movements with a number 2 pencil with a metronome counting out the beat. Hmm. Maybe something good and insane will come from this :-)

    Thanks for visiting Lori! I’m in awe of musicians, so it’s a big treat to get a comment from you! ROCK ON!