The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals

I just read Kathy Sierra’s latest post Don’t Forget Square One which is a very fine reminder. Go read the article, and then ask yourself, “Hey, self! Do I even know what my fundamentals are?“.

I thought I did, but in hindsight I don’t think I really do. Like a lot of people I’m in that odd zone of mediocrity. I don’t say that as a self put-down, mind you. With the finish of the Olympics recently, this is a particularly appropriate observation to make. If my professional activities were sports, do I know what would make me an Olympic-caliber designer / developer? I could imagine the trappings surrounding it, but not the minute details that eke out that 1/100th of a second difference between silver and gold.

Ordinarily I would write what I think those minute details are, but I have to get ready for SXSW and I’m flippin’ out finishing some project work, packing, anwering last-minute emails, and backing up all my data. Erk! See what I’m talking about? Not smooth! I’ll never get to endorse anything at this rate!

In the meantime, read Kathy Sierra’s post How to Be an Expert. This might be a good break the ice, a lot question at SXSW…”So, what are the fundamental habits of our respective field?”

On a side note, I’m looking forward to Kathy Sierra’s presence at SXSW; she is one of the most optimistic and insightful writers I’ve ever come across. I am just awestruck. I am hoping that her session attracts a lot of passionate creators…the energy would be incredible.

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  1. Rory 18 years ago

    Dave –

    Do I know what would make me an Olympic-caliber designer/developer?  What a great question – especially for somebody in my state of refocus and rebranding.

    I’m definitely making progress after going through some of Lea’s exercises and reading some of your experiences.

    Now I need to go and read Kathy’s article and see where that puts me.