Apple and Adobe Double Dirty Team Wednesday

Apple and Adobe Double Dirty Team Wednesday

In Brazil, an iMac G5 dies. Ben Jackson figures that he’s ok, since he’s got US AppleCare coverage! Guess what…it’ll take at least 30 days to turn it around. Trying to be positive, I point out he can get a hot new MacBook, but Ben directs me to Dave Shea’s unhappy upgrading catch-22; the difference is he’s being screwed by Adobe’s lack of initiative in shipping universal binaries for, you know, our livelihood. Has Adobe been taking lessons from Quark? Sigh.

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  1. Ben Jackson 14 years ago

    Hey Dave. Forgive the delay in responding, but I’m just getting back to my information backlog today ;)

      it’ll take at least 30 days to turn it around

    As the manager of the MacXpress Ipanema emphatically repeated to me today, the official policy is “up to 30 days”, which AFAIK means that, in theory, my AppleCare approval could take a month, added to the time for shipping the part and repairs. I revisited my post, fearful that I may have expressed some inaccuracy, but it’s there:

      Imagine my shock when I heard that, before I could get my motherboard replaced under warranty, I would have to wait up to 30 days for the store to send my AppleCare information to São Paulo, only to have them send it to Apple U.S. for approval.

    Suffice it to say that my motherboard is working and I’m typing this while looking at a beautiful, clean new display. I’ll be posting a followup soon.