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  • Theories On Life Balance through Video Game Design

    July 18, 2009

    SUMMARY: I know that the path to happiness goes straight through the Mountains of Productivity, a craggy place where...

    Dave Seah
  • A Review of Tim Ferriss’ “The 4-Hour Work Week”

    April 18, 2007

    I had heard of The 4-Hour Work Week (T4HWW) at SXSW, where Tim Ferriss was presenting a panel on...

    Dave Seah
  • Capturing, Sequencing, and Scheming

    April 1, 2007

    This has been one of those gear grinding weeks in which nothing planned seemed to get done. Seemingly dozens...

    Dave Seah
  • Patents, Clocks, and Surprise

    January 24, 2007

    I’ve been working on a project for a client in Manchester, NH, and while talking to one of his...

    Dave Seah
  • What Do Idea People Do?

    August 15, 2006

    We had an interesting lunch in Portsmouth: me, Mark Reeves and Jeff Leombruno discussing the nature of professional organizations....

    Dave Seah
  • The Pursuit of Happiness

    August 6, 2006

    Here in the US of A, we celebrate Independence Day on July 4th. This is a holiday I usually...

    Dave Seah
  • The Worthlessness of Ideas

    June 29, 2006

    Commenter Ben Yoskovitz challenges the idea that ideas are worthless, a view I have stated one-sidedly in a recent...

    Dave Seah
  • Promoting Your Agenda

    June 8, 2006

    I just got a phone call on my biz line, which I answered with great initial enthusiasm. It was...

    Dave Seah
  • Storytelling by Design

    April 2, 2006

    I’ve been pulling together my thoughts on a design approach based on the power of storytelling. While I still...

    Dave Seah
  • Obsessing over Lost Ideas

    March 30, 2006

    I tend to have a lot of ideas, which is a kind way of saying that I’m easily distracted....

    Dave Seah
  • Story-Based Design II

    March 23, 2006

    In the last thread, Tim Beadle wrote: I may be missing something (and I am in no way an...

    Dave Seah
  • Story-Based Design

    March 23, 2006

    I’ve been mulling over the idea of story-based design as a way to describe my design process. What I’m...

    Dave Seah