A Salacious Thought

A Salacious Thought

SXSW is using something called Jambo to help people find each other, so I’m filling out my jambo profile to give it a shot. One of the questions is “my favorite thing”, which after some thought ended up being my car: a Volkswagen GTI VR6. However, my Canon Pixma iP5200 printer, which I love more and more with every passing day, is quickly rising to challenge the incumbant.

Just now, I was doing some full-duplex (2-sided) printing of some SXSW information. I was watching the paper come out, pleased at how well the printer works, and then it sucked the paper back in! It made a kind of “hmm” noise, and then it somehow flipped the paper around internally. Then it printed the second side of the same page, backwards from the way it had come out before. After I took the paper from it, the printer emitted a satisfied “I am so hot” sound as its inkjets settled into standby mode.

The effect was almost exactly like when you’re (a guy) sitting at a nice restaurant talking to an attractive woman, and she takes the cherry from her drink and pops it into her mouth. A few seconds later, the stem and pit come out, but you notice the stem has been tied into a knot by her tongue. She smiles as if nothing special has transpired, and continues the conversation while you try to remember what the hell you were talking about.

Full-duplex printing. Ask for it by name, next time you’re out looking for a hot printer to share a desk with! :-)


  1. Jeff L 18 years ago

    Full duplex is pretty slick – but you know I got love for the 2000 silver GTI VR6 as well.  :-)

  2. Joan 18 years ago

    You have to have the right gene to be able to tie a cherry stem in your mouth. The curl side to side one.

  3. supamanu 18 years ago

    David – you get 10/10 for sound effects and imagination.

  4. Tim 18 years ago

    You have to love duplex printing. My HP LaserJet does that, and it sucks the page back in to print on the other side too.

    Fun to watch.

    I love your writing style!