Party Maps for SXSWi 2006

Party Maps for SXSWi 2006

Did I mention I was obsessive about knowing where things were before I went? I don’t really like driving by myself in a new city, so I used Microsoft MapPoint 2004 to figure out where the parties were located. As a result I have a better idea of where things are in Austin.

MapPoint is a terrible application for any kind of real map annotation, but you can pull long/lat data out of it. I wish I’d found this mapmaker first; it would have saved some time. But at least now I have my orientation maps printed out, and I can tell at a glance where things are and when they’re happening. MapPoint does make nice maps on your printer, though you have to fight it sometimes.

Here are the official parties that I know about, as listed on the SXSW website and a couple mentions I caught around the net. The maps are scanned because MapPoint chokes the Acrobat PDFwriter (by design, perhaps).

South by Southwest Interactive Parties That I Know About

As mapped by Microsoft MapPoint 2004! Double-check the directions, because sometimes the mapping software is dead wrong

FridayFriday March 10 Evening Parties

SturdaySaturday March 11 Evening Parties

SundaySunday March 12 Evening Parties

MondayMonday March 13 Evening Parties

TuesdayTuesday March 14 Evening Parties

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  1. Jeff L 14 years ago

    Nice – I had started a wayfaring map for something similar quite a while ago but haven’t updated it in some time: