The Printable CEO™ Series

Why the Trademark (™) symbol?

  • I want to make sure that the DIYers out there can make use of the forms and ideas here, without giving up commercialization rights. The Printable CEO™ is also copyrighted; I want to protect what I’m doing from being ripped-off and commercialized by some third party. Public use of the ™ symbol is the first step to establish protectable commercial use—at least I think it is…IANAL.I’m considering Open Source-style licensing, or maybe Creative Commons, but I haven’t yet looked into the ramifications of either system. Like which one is more applicable, if at all?
  • It’s my goal to create a DIY-friendly system that is accessible to anyone with a printer. I chose the name “Printable CEO” because it sounds accessible; there’s nothing stopping anyone from tapping into the ideas behind effective execution. Right now, I’d say it’s a combination of insight, inside-information, and the ability to invent ways of measuring progress. This is the basic premise behind countless self-help and business books on the market. Creating a universal toolkit to help the process along would be super cool. When you need to get the right things done, you need the mindset and the tools to show you the way. Rather than hire your own CEO, use these paper-based and online tools to discover how!