2021 Word Counting Calendar

2021 Word Counting Calendar

2021 Word Counting Calendar

It’s finally done. This always take a long time to update, but this year was particularly bad because of crash issues with InDesign and Acrobat’s tendency to not load the latest files. The editing capability in Acrobat, which I use to remove unused rows in the template as a final step, seems to be broken. It’s never been GREAT, but this year I had so much difficulty with it that I used Affinity Designer to load it and boy…it was a much better experience! 2021 might be the year I try to break away from Adobe at least in the key illustration, layout, and photo editing categories.

Overall, this took 9 eye-destroying hours to do, squinting at the screen (below) and checking and double-checking and pentuple-checking that the data was entered correctly. If I make this calendar for 2022, it will only be if I completely automate the calendar generation with the same level of visual quality. That’s a tall order, but I think it’s worth doing.

Some of the programs used to update the calendar

You can find the Word Counting Calendar at shop.davidseah.com alongside the ETP Almanac. If you’re supporting me on Patreon you have received both these digital downloads as part of your perk package.

Now, it’s time to make some dinner and ring-in the new year!