Task Progress Destruct-o-Matic Edition!

Task Progress Destruct-o-Matic Edition!

Run, Task, Run!Yesterday I was musing about the unsatisfying quality of the Task Progress Tracker. My good friend Brad took the time to post some helpful comments. Among them was this gem:

[…] the “done” check box isn’t quite satisfying enough when a task is complete so I put a big fat Sharpie line right through the whole item. Makes me feel like I killed & conquered the task rather than just wounding it with a check mark as it runs away into the woods with it’s tail between it’s legs. :)

The hours and hours of Veteran’s Day programming on the History Channel made me particularly receptive to Brad’s tale, which led to an idea…

I give you The Task Destruct-o-Matic!

Ta-da! It’s a refined version of the Task Progress Tracker, dressed up a bit to make it like you’re really attacking the items on your to-do list. Booyah!

Here’s how you play:

  • It’s still the same 4 groups of 4 progress bubbles, except this time they’re not marked with a “15-minute” label. You can still use them to represent 15-minute chunks of time, but now you have the option of having them mean whatever you want. Fill in the inside of the bubble whenever you make some significant progress. Fill in the whole graphic if you encounter more resistance than you expected; this replaces the challenge level in the old form. Don’t forget to make an extra-cool noise when this happens!

  • There is a new initiate bubble. I found in the old sheet that I actually had to sit and focus for a bit to figure out just what I’d do first, then I could start filling out those 15-minute bubbles. It didn’t feel right to fill in a bubble before I knew what the hell I was going to do, but I still wanted to. Think of it as a “Ok, I’m Really Ready to Start Now” bubble. I fill it out when I know exactly what my first action will be, and am ready-to-go.

  • When you finish a task, you can fill in the explosion at the end of the sheet. Use a red marker or something! Brad also uses a thick marker to cross-out the task, to kill it extra-dead.

  • If the task is incomplete by the time you run out of progress bubbles, use the fleeing guy icon to note that the task has been extended. Don’t let it get away! Fill in another line and resume your assault! You can also draw the fleeing guy on fire if you want, to show what a good job you’re doing.


p>Brad has been using different colored markers for each day of the week. With that in mind, I left this form black and white so the colors would jump out more.

I’m wondering if there’s a good non-violent way of representing task completion? And in case you are wondering: yeah, this is silly :-)

Still, I’ll be trying it out in the coming weeks—I’m going to be busy with billable work, so I’m stuck with this form until after Thanksgiving.

» Download 2008 Destruct-o-Matic PDF » PCEO-TPT01-Destructo.pdf

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