An Exercise in Gestalt

An Exercise in Gestalt

A friend and I were going over one of his recent business card designs, and I made a comment about how grouping and spacing affects the way elements on the page are perceived. He asked for clarification, and I said:

This is three dots:

    o   o   o

…but this is a story:

    o o     o

A little gestalt goes a long way :-) I’m sure I got this from somewhere, probably Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. Tufte has a lot to say about these kinds of relationships also, though a specific citation eludes me at the moment.

UPDATE: If you’re scratching your head thinking that the dots look exactly the same, it’s because your RSS reader is messing up the formatting of the text. Sigh.


  1. John Zeratsky 19 years ago

    Beautifully put, David. And right on.

  2. anon 19 years ago

    That is so elegantly simple. I love it. Fritz Perls would love it. Thanks.

  3. If Else 19 years ago

    I agree, that’s a wonderfully elegant example.

  4. Carolyn 18 years ago

    Love this, David!

    And the comment about a Threadless submission? Absolutely!

  5. Mihaela 15 years ago

    This is great!