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  • 2012 Business Cards, Round 3

    August 28, 2012

    After taking a weekend break from the last round of personal business card design, I headed to Starbucks to...

    DSri Seah
  • Shifting Direction Yet Again

    June 11, 2012

    I’ve been making a go of the “functional stationery designer” identity for a few months now, and in general...

    DSri Seah
  • Logo for “The Tiny School”

    October 24, 2011

    For the past 10 or so years, I’ve had this fantasy of having my own school where a bunch...

    DSri Seah
  • Working Out What I Want To Do

    January 28, 2011

    Today I am spending some time to rewrite my biographical information for the blog. What for, you ask? The...

    DSri Seah