Posts tagged with ‘Flash’

  • Flash Projector Tools

    October 18, 2004

    Today I was looking into tools for stand-alone Flash applications. I’m dumping the notes here… will clean them up...

    Dave Seah
  • A Menagerie of Classes

    October 16, 2004

    So I’ve been working on a Flash game for a client. It’s got a bit of everything: a little...

    Dave Seah
  • Return of MovieClip “Duh”

    October 11, 2004

    I was drifting in and out of sleep, it being 520AM and as such was an appropriate time for...

    Dave Seah
  • Big MovieClip “Duh”

    October 9, 2004

    For a while, I’ve been wondering if there was a better way of catching events from MovieClips in an...

    Dave Seah
  • Flash Game Objects

    October 6, 2004

    I spent yesterday outlining some of the basic classes for the interactive Flash game. With the amount of animation...

    Dave Seah
  • Flash Game Season

    October 5, 2004

    Ah, with the brisk air of Autumn comes the holiday season, and with that the interactive holiday card development...

    Dave Seah