• Atkins 1, Twinkies 0

    September 23, 2004

    I felt a pang of anxiety when I read that Interstate Bakeries Corporation has entered Chapter 11 (via BoingBoing). They manufacture Twinkies!

    I haven’t had one in years, finding them far too sweet, but they’re one of America’s Great Pop Cultural References. The deep fried twinkie is a testament to this food’s continuing ability to frighten and intrigue carb addicts everwhere. And without them, our slang would not be quite as sweet.

    Perhaps they will be transmuted to organic form or become haute cuisine, but I’d hate to see the original Twinkie go away. So do your duty and buy a box (just don’t eat them all at once, geez). Pick up a loaf of Wonder Bread while you’re at it!

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  • Demise of NPR in Rhode Island?

    September 22, 2004

    My sister commented that her local NPR station, WRNI, seems to be up for sale…distressing! That reminded me of this article about the rise of ‘middlebrow culture’ and how the nature of public radio changed when threats to their endowment allowed them to seek advert–er, underwriting from other sources. Also, how the demand for talk and news has displaced classical music over the years. Great article.

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  • WordPress Email Form Hack

    September 21, 2004

    UPDATE: You can download a much more useful plugin at from Ryan Duff’s site: wp-contactform. There’s also a version with more validation of the email address (through DNS, no less) called PXSMail, which I haven’t tried.

    My own contact page now uses wp-contactform…I hope my email contact woes go away now :-) For historical purposes, I’m leaving the old information up.

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  • Hold That Thought!

    September 20, 2004

    Pickle Jar 2.0I’m sometimes distracted by too many project ideas. When the ideas pile up, my productivity sinks because I keep thinking about them, and multitasking slows me down. To keep focused, I evolved a mind trick called The Pickle Jar that, despite its hokey name, actually works for me. It got me through my thesis, when writing was the last thing I felt like doing.


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  • Inline Image Hack Continued

    September 20, 2004


    The Markdown Image Hack has been retired. Please check out Lazy Image Layout instead!

    The code has been separated from Markdown, and is now a stand-alone plugin called LazyImages.

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