Patterns: Having a Daily Routine

Patterns: Having a Daily Routine


This question popped up in #talk_productivity today regarding daily planning workflow:

I’m a HUGE nerd and would love to see what everyone’s daily planning workflow looks like. Right now I am using a LOT of tools (Emergent Task Planner paper, BUJO, Todoist etc) to keep track of multiple projects and multiple meetings and personal and professional todos, and it’s been SUPER overwhelming :weary:. I have a lot of random admin tasks that pop up during the day as well. My daily planning right now takes like >1 hour, so something def needs to get tweaked. I’ve been watching some of the old Youtube co-working sessions to see if I could have some clues on how you plan your day @Dave.Sri Seah, but I haven’t been able to get a good look at it yet.

A big problem I have is following up on random tasks that get added during the day (like emails etc) and also noting where I’ve left off on projects. I have pretty severe ADHD despite having a PhD and it’s been very difficult. Love this community and super appreciate if anyone minds showing me what their workflow looks like :watermelon:

Since I love a good “two for one”, I’m using this question as a prompt to start thinking about ThinkPub2020. I will be updating this entry as time goes on.


I started a live Notion page where I am gathering my raw thoughts.

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I'm challenging myself to create a set of personal publishing and thinking tools starting April 2020. The current goal is to have a turnkey system has less friction than my current process AND can be easily shared with collaborators.

I'll be collecting all the related work on the ThinkWritePublish Challenge Page, so check that out if you want to know more!