2019 Groundhog Day Resolutions Warm-up

2019 Groundhog Day Resolutions Warm-up

Groundhog Day Resolutions Context Map Happy Groundhog Day! It’s time to start my yearly resolutions this February 2nd! While I’m not quite ready to write a massive report for the year, I did finish making this diagram (ABOVE) that distills the past 12 years of resolutions-making into a concise system model of my desires! I’ll be going into it in more depth on Monday Feb 4.

PreparationOutlineSimplified Diagram

Also this year I will be documenting more of my Groundhog Day Resolutions practices to create some kind of guide. I have a lot of materials (ABOVE) that other people may find interesting.

For 2019, I’ll be doing largely what I was doing at the end of last year:

  • writing software
  • making products for sale
  • improving my online media presence

There are specific long-term projects that will benefit me, but requires a lot of effort beyond what I can usually muster. Basically, the effort all falls into the yellow areas outlined below:

Critical Path The yellow areas are difficult for me because “slow and steady work” drives me bonkers with boredom. And yet, to achieve software mastery means being comfortable with learning all the time from ANYONE.

I’m really looking forward to talking about the diagram, but I’m ridiculously tired so that’ll have to wait until later!

About this Article Series

For my 2019 Groundhog Day Resolutions, I'm challenging myself to develop "gathering-style productivity" as I pursue the year's goals. You'll find the related posts on the 2019 Groundhog Day Resolutions page.


  1. eurobubba 5 years ago

    Curious — I skimmed the old blog post you linked to but couldn’t find why you called the logo/model FOUR/3.

    • Author
      Dave Seah 5 years ago

      I had forgotten why I called it that too, but found this in the original writeup:

      The Model Four/3 (I’m 43) sounds like a swanky piece of gear, so I just had a good time with it.