Porting Code Finale! (GHD038)

Porting Code Finale! (GHD038)

After Wednesday’s megabinge on coding, I took Thursday slowly after waking up quite late. I ported the old game demo code from Project 1401 (my video game test code) to the new Engine 1401A1 organization. It was a matter of copy/pasting directories and then updating some references. The net result is that the game is exactly in the same place as it was before I started all this stuff. The only thing new is the build system and the directory organization. While I might be tempted to grumble about this, the big takeaway is that I think I’ve leveled-up in my understanding of these tools, and that will help me be a better developer! So…yay for me!

Stuff Learned and GHDR Points Earned

I didn’t do much today. But I posted some more working code to GitHub, though it’s the same working code as before. On the plus side, I’ve improved the Github repository organization a bit too, so it’s easier to browse online and get a sense of how the project fits together.

10 posted working code to GitHub (sorta a stretch)
10 fulfills a current wish, makes future results more possible, packaged results and made it available!
3 Tried a bunch of stuff I didn’t know would work.
2 Posted words on this website!
1 Researched a lot of code-related stuff

Let’s call it 26 points, not bad. Tomorrow I need to switch gears and do something else for the weekend. There’s piano karaoke tomorrow night, and I’m having lunch with a music composer friend in the area…hopefully something unexpected will happen!

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