Livestream Monday March 28: Trying 15-Minute Boosts

Livestream Monday March 28: Trying 15-Minute Boosts

Livestream on 15-min Boosts I’m kicking off the week with a livestream to get myself in a productive work mood! I also want to try a new trick I wrote about yesterday: the 15-minute startup boost! Watch me attempt it and sweat! :)

What is a 15-minute boost? The idea is that big hairy tasks are so big and uncertain that I don’t usually like starting them, but I can overcome resistance by severely restricting the time I allocate to them initially; once started, I seem to do ok! I’m going to try it on all my Groundhog Day Resolutions goals (or as many as I can) between noon and 3PM (Eastern Time), after doing some work+planning at 11AM.

Here’s the link!

Coworking with Dave!

Monday March 28
Ends 3PM
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UPDATE: Other than some sound synch issues and my own mumbly-ness, this went pretty well. Did bits of 6 projects in about 4 hours, which for me is a lot. I am wiped! The link will take you to the archived stream.