Day 2: A Groundhog Day Resolutions Primer

Day 2: A Groundhog Day Resolutions Primer

Feb 01: 7 Day Weekly Planning Sheet Today’s product grew out of my kickoff post for Groundhog Day Resolutions. Wouldn’t it be nice, I thought, if there was a handy instruction sheet for people to download? Especially if I could make it really fast using Brad’s groundhog clipart?

As it went, it took about 90 minutes to lay this out, and another 15 minutes to make the graphic above by adapting the template I made yesterday so I can easily drop it in. The primer itself uses a bit of the graphic styling from the collectable PDF graphic I made for the donation button, so I saved some time there. Still, I had to make the calendar and come up with the copy.

While I don’t think I can sell this by itself, I could see it being part of another product. It would be great as an addition to the 365-Day ETP Almanac, for example. Or this could be part of a more polished Groundhog Day Resolutions kit or book. Who knows? I’ll review in March to see what I have.

In the meantime, grab it now and print it out, if you’d like to follow along with Groundhog Day Resolutions this year. While it’s only available in US Letter size, it should scale-to-fit very well when printing A4.

» Download Groundhog Day Resolutions Primer (US Letter)

Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended for printing. The built-in "Mac OS X Preview" and "Chrome Browser" PDF viewers do not always draw dotted lines correctly.

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  1. Stephen P Smith 11 years ago

    I love this! It reminds me of a PDF product I made a few years back for GTD reviews… I called it “69 Worksheets” (52 Weekly Reviews, 12 Monthly, 4 Quarterly, 1 Annual = 69) and sold it on e-junkie and even made a spiral-bound one on

    I think something like this would work today, too, either printed and bound or as an editable file of some kind…think about it!