Music Song Lists for Composition Goal (GHD027)

Music Song Lists for Composition Goal (GHD027)

Much of Sunday was spent assembling lists of music videos on YouTube in preparation for the Music Composition video journals. The idea for the first few journals will be to just watch a few of them at a time and say whatever is popping into my head. As I come across interesting songs or song experiences, I’ll add them to the lists. I’ve added the lists to Music Composition Goal Page on the sidebar.

Stuff Learned and GHDR Points Earned

Today was a gathering day, so I don’t think I scored many points…but let’s see.

10 Packaged the lists and posted it to a public page! Surprise!
2 Reduced scope of a task to make it faster. Whittling down the task of the server move to just a collection task for today.
1 Researched music on youtube!

That’s 13 points. Better than expected! Progress made!

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