Reader Poll: What kind of posts to include in the main blog roll?

Reader Poll: What kind of posts to include in the main blog roll?

I’ve been tinkering with the way I’ve been writing, trying to maintain balance between “keeping track of my thoughts” and “posts that are still accessible to a general audience”. My assumption is that some posts appeal to some people, and they are OK with just ignoring the ones that aren’t interesting. This is not the way to build audience, but then again making big numbers has never been my focus. I write to think, basically, and if what I write is useful to just a handful of people I am content with that.

That said, I really don’t know what readers are interested in, and it just occurred to me that I could just ASK. This is kind of a new thing for me; I get really uncomfortable with it, assuming that asking is unwelcome or not socially acceptable. I might get this from my late mother. It’s something I should get over, I think.

Here’s my question:

How can I write about varied topics in a way that is not inconvenient for readers?

Followup questions:

What mix of topics have you found most appealing?

Does the feed / blog page need any reorganization so you can more quickly find the topics you are interested in?

There are off-limit suggestions. Please reply in the comments below, and I’ll try adjusting my mix of articles to better-fit those preferences for a while to see what it’s like! This website has been a mess for a long time, and I want to fix it.