Moving Servers, Again

Server Boom Recent problems with server load has forced me to look for new hosting, so I just registered for a Media Temple dedicated virtual server for $50/month. It’s too bad, because I liked FutureQuest. If you have the money to spend, I highly recommend them due to their customer service. Unfortunately for me, I’m in that weird in-between place where regular shared hosting packages aren’t enough, but I can’t afford a dedicated server for hundreds of dollars a month.

I’ve heard that the new Media Temple grid server is still shaking out, but the older dedicated virtual setup is supposed to be pretty good. The price is right too, and if stability is good I can consolidate some other sites I’m maintaining for some friends under one roof and save a bit of money.

Incidentally, the server spikes appear to have been caused by Mint. The recent LifeHacker links today and a week ago drove about 25K pageloads each for the day. The server spiked with a load of 100+. FutureQuest’s technicians narrowed the problem to the Mint installation and shut it down. I got into it and disabled all the extra Peppers, asked to restore the service, and the server was fine until 6PM, when it spiked massively again. This time I found a vestigial download counter script that was still triggering Mint, so I nuked the whole installation off my account. (this is what was causing the 404 download problems in the evening). But it was too late: the site will be booted from the server next time a spike occurs.

I’ve always wanted to try MediaTemple, so I’m not that put out by this development. It does mean, though, that this is the last post until after I get the site moved and stabilized again. Please be gentle in the meantime :-)