Mall Finds! Skechers Flip Flops and LoveSac Sactionals

Mall Finds! Skechers Flip Flops and LoveSac Sactionals

Was at the Mall for the first time in months, and experienced two good finds. First, I didn’t know Skechers sold flip flops made from memory foam and yoga mat materials! Second, I think I have found the ideal modular couch system for my Living Room Cafe from, of all places, the LoveSac beanbag people.

I got a pair of GoBionic slides, which remind me of house slippers from Taiwan but have some kind of running shoe-style cushioned sole. I got them in red to remind me never to wear them out of the house :-) I think they will be good for working at the standing desk without resorting to the use of a cumbersome rubber mat.

Lovesac’s modular sectional couch bases or “Sactionals” look pretty awesome. Very pricey compared to an IKEA couch, but the construction is of tougher plywoods and engineered laminates, and fits together with metal locking clamps. The base, sides, and cushions can be mixed and matched to create all kinds of configurations, with removable washable upholstery.


  1. Andrea 9 years ago

    You might also consider turning twin beds into a sectional couch. Apparently it’s all the rage. It’s a little on the DIY side, but could be an option for you:

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 9 years ago

    Andrea: Oh, that’s a good idea! I was looking at day beds for this, but they might even be a little too big. Next time I’m at the furniture store, I’ll see what it’s like!