Power Outage Back

Southern New Hampshire was hit pretty hard by a blizzard (“Nor’easter”, as we like to say) and I’m without power. Since this is such an early snowstorm, the trees still have leaves on them, and this means that snow sticks to them and brings branches crashing down on the power lines…this might be a pretty bad outage. I’ve been passing the time fantasizing about putting together an ultimate survival kit, or at least coming up with some way of making a hot cup of coffee when completely off-the-grid. I sponging internet from a friend’s studio, but email is spotty until power comes back. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE: Aaaand, the power is back about an hour after I posted that. I was getting ready for an extended outage, figuring out how to ration my cans of beans, but oh well…I am counting my blessings.