Arc Notebook Junior + Mini ETP

Arc Notebook Junior + Mini ETP

Arc Notebook Junior I didn’t know there was a “Junior” size version of the Arc Notebook! Click to see the photo gallery of this afternoon’s experimentation.

Earlier today I got a request from someone who had purchased the wrong-size Mini ETP; he told me that he’d gotten an A5-sized Arc Notebook and was putting the sheets into it. I didn’t even know there was a half-sized version of the Arc, so as a reward for my productive morning I went to Staples to see what they had.

Starting with the 2UP BOOKLET template, I can print two sheets on one full-size piece of US Letter paper.Printing from Adobe Acrobat is recommended. The settings that matter are ACTUAL SIZE, and making sure you flip on the SHORT END.My trusty paper cutter helped me align the cutting point at 5.5 inches exactly.

You can see how the gutter in the middle allows room in the middle. Maybe too much for the Arc system, actually.Using my $45 Arc Punch on the JUNIOR setting to get perfect punch alignment.Oh yeah. This works! Maybe too much space though on the left.

This is fairly thick printer paper, but it still isn't quite thick enough. Looks nice, though.A two-page spread looks good, though I wonder for a notebook this size if the left-side should be left blank. Hmm.

I was pretty happy with the way this looks, though I don’t think I would use it personally since I like bigger sheets and double-wire binding. Still, I know of several people who love their Arc Notebooks. I’m thinking of producing a run of Junior-sized stock, sold in unbound reams, for people who might want to make their own books. Whether to do it double-sided or not…that is the question! Let me know what you think!