Mini-ETP 3T3 full download available

Mini-ETP 3T3 full download available

Since this idea of selling “PDF Packs” is pretty new to me, I’ve decided to make one of the variations available in its entirety so you can see what’s inside them. I know if I was in the same position, I’d want to know what was in there! I’ve updated the Mini-ETP page accordingly.


  1. Luca 13 years ago

    Hi Dave, wouldn’t it be nice to have one page with two Mini-ETPs side-by-side so that you can print them on a regular A4 (US) sheet and cut them afterwards?

    Thanks for a nice suite of tools, I love your Printable CEO series :-).

    Luca from Italy.

  2. Author
    Dave Seah 13 years ago

    Luca: The side-by-side versions are in the “full ZIP” download (duplex). I’ll clarify the writeup so that’s more obvious!